Priceless things the world has lost forever

Nothing lasts forever.

If you go down history, you will find that man has always created and maintained the most precious things, be it jewellery, paintings, books. But as they say, things don’t last forever; even after our efforts of maintaining and preserving our valuable things from our pasts, we still lose it to destruction, decay and sometimes to loot. Here is the list of priceless and magnificent things that the world has lost forever.

Le Peintre by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso created a number of paintings under the title “Le Peintre” or “The Painter”. In the year 1998, the painting was being transported very carefully via cargo hold in a Swiss Air. Unfortunately, the plane met a sad end and crashed off the coast of Nova Scotia. All the passengers were tragically killed with cargo. A few days later, much of the cargo was recovered, minus the painting. And the estimated cost that the lost painting is about 1.5 million dollars.

Hemingway’s lost works

Hemingway was working as correspondence with Toronto Star in the year 1922. He was supposed to go to cover the Lausanne conference. He asked his wife Hadley to take a train and join him. She packed all of his manuscripts and decided to show them to a new colleague. After boarding the train, she went to grab some water for the journey. After she returned, she realized that the bag containing all the manuscripts, even the carbon copies, was not there. Who knows where are those lost works today and if they are found, how much they are worth of?

Renoir’s destroyed masterpiece watercolour

Son of the founder of Chrysler Corporation, Walter Chrysler Jr. was known for his love for art at an early age. He is credited to have helped develop the art collection in the Museum of Modern Art, New York. But it was his love for art that landed him in the soup when he was a student at a hostel. Being anavid art lover, he purchased a rare painting at the age of fourteen and displayed it proudly in his dorm room. Everyone was scandalized, as it was nude art. The hostel authorities termed it as obscene and destroyed it without checking. The most horrifying part about this incident was that they unknowingly destroyed a watercolour masterpiece by none other than August Renoir!

It is a pity that we have unknowingly lost some of the great artifacts that could have defined history for our future generations.

Priyadarshini Kaul

Priyadarshini Kaul Mishra has two Master’s Degrees in English Literature and History. She is actively following her passion for the language by being a content creator since many years now. Besides this, Priyadarshini is a true bookworm at heart and tries to be an avid reader despite being a full-time mother now. She is also a professionally certified baker and puts on the oven mitts every now and then.
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