Published By: Shriparna

Pricey greens! Vegetables around the world that can cost you a fortune

This article talks about some of the most expensive vegetables in the global market and what makes them so pricey.

A diet rich in vegetables nourishes one's body with essential nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. According to the USDA, Americans spend around $165 to $345 a month on groceries and vegetables. The retail price of vegetables is determined by their annual or seasonal appearance.

But there are vegetables that are sold at skyrocketing rates and are not accessible to all. Due to the immense amount of human effort that goes into growing and harvesting vegetables, they are often sold at an extremely high price. This article talks about some of the most expensive vegetables in the global market and what makes them so pricey.

Taiwanese mushroom

A Taiwan-imported mushroom, which is commonly referred to as Yartsa Gunbu, costs around Rs. 80000 in Indian currency.  Although some consider the Japanese delicacy known as Matsutake to be more expensive than the Yartsa Gunbu type. The price of these mushrooms ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 per pound. Other expensive types of mushrooms that can be found within this range include Chanterelle, Morel, and European White Truffle.

Yamashita Spinach

This leafy vegetable, commonly referred to as Yamashita spinach, is grown in Japan and takes a lot of patience and care to grow. It can be purchased for $13 a pound, which is equivalent to around Rs.1,000 for 500 grams. Since it contains antioxidants and vitamins, it can help protect one's health and prevent chronic diseases. It is also beneficial for the eyes and brain.

Hop Shots

Known as the most expensive vegetable in the world, hop shoots are the leaves of the hop plant. Also referred to as the flower of the hop plant, fermented beverages are brewed from its flowers. A kilogram of these shoots can cost anywhere from around Rs 85,000 to around Rs.1 lakh in the global market.

Wasabi Roots

It's cultivated in a few farms in China, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Korea. Its strong pungent but unique flavour is its USP. It can be purchased for around $73 a pound, or about INR 5,325 for 500 grams. The processed version of wasabi is used in sushi around the world.

La Bonnotte Potatoes

A 500-g bag of potatoes can cost you around Rs. 24,000 in India. This expensive vegetable is grown in Noirmoutier, which is an island off France's Western coast. The price is attributed to its limited availability, manual fertilization and labour-intensive farming methods. The flavour of the La Bonnotte potatoes is mild and lemon-y. It can be used in various recipes, such as soup, salad, and purées.