Priyadarshan and his art of making comedy movies

Who doesn’t like comedy films? There are people who do not watch movies a lot but even they all like to watch comedy films. It is because it gives them some time away from the real life and indulges them in laughter. A good dose of laughter is necessary in our day to day lives but do you know that it is not an easy job to make someone laugh with s film. It is always difficult to make a comedy film but Priyadarshan is a master of this art form.

Priyadarshan is a name which is synonymous with comedy films in India. It is strange that people do not know about him despite enjoying his movies for years. The man has made some of the best comedy films in the Indian cinema which are loved by millions. If making comedy movies is an art, then Priyadarshan is surely a Picasso of it as the man has made some great movies like Hera Pheri, BhagamBhag, BhoolBhulaiya, Dhol, Hungama, Hulchul, De Dana Dan, etc to name a few.


His comedy films are enjoyed by both children and adults alike and he has garnered special status in the heart of movies lovers with his hilarious films. What makes Priyadarshan different from other filmmakers is that he relies on his formula of treating a simple story with funny characters and elements. His brand of comedy is very different from Rohit Shetty or AneesBazmee and he is undoubtedly the king of comedy in India. Let’s identify the different aspects of his movies which make him the greatest comedy film director.


One of the best and greatest things about Priyadarshan is that his movies are clean and they are meant for everyone. At a time when doing comedy is a difficult task and people are relying heavily on double meaning jokes and dirty comedy, Priyadarshan takes advantage of the funny situations and makes his characters stand out. His films can be enjoyed by people from all age groups and his jokes are never old. You can still admire the movies he made decades ago and will surely love the jokes in them.


Priyadarshan is a man who has given some memorable characters to thr film industry. Who can forget ChhotaPanditolayed by Rajpal Yadav in BhoolBhulaiya or Baburaoolayed by OareshRawal in Hera Pheri? The man has given some of the best roles of his career to Akshay Kumar, Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Johny Lever and others.

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