Published By: Sougata Dutta

Pros And Cons Of Having Cold Drinks On Summer Days

Things you must know about cold drinks

We all love cold drinks, especially on summer days. It chills down and gives relaxation to the body.

But, soft drinks have many health problems. Soft drinks cause much more serious health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, body weight, heart disease, stomach problems, cancer, liver damage, infertility, bone health, dental disease in children and the elderly.

Here are some unhealthy reaction of cold drink :

1. Weight Gain

Sodas and sodas contain sugar that can accelerate weight gain. Soda cans can hold up to 10 teaspoons of sugar.These sugary drinks may make you hungry for a while, but you'll end up eating more of them.

2. Foie Gras

Glucose and fructose are the two main components of refined sugar. Cells in our body can easily metabolize glucose, but only the liver can metabolize fructose. Excessive consumption of soft drinks can therefore lead to fructose overload. Because of this, the liver converts this fructose into fat, which is stored in the liver.This can quickly lead to severe fatty liver disease. can be connected.

3. Diabetes

Excessive consumption of fructose  can lead to insulin resistance and  type 2 diabetes.

4. Tooth decay

One of the side effects of soft drinks is tooth decay. The phosphates and carbon dioxide in soda will wear away tooth enamel over time.These acids combine with sugars to create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow in the mouth and eventually cause tooth decay.

The best cold drinks for summer:

1. Flavored water

A healthier alternative is natural flavoring or a natural sweetener, for example by adding slices of freshly cut fruit, vegetables and fragrant herbs. Try lemons, apples, watermelon, oranges, etc. If you want fresher elements, opt for cucumber, mint, or lime. 

2. Lemon Soda

This is without a doubt the easiest summer drink to make.Occasionally, you can indulge in a lemon snack with a healthy version of a soda made with a freshly cut lemon or lime and a small amount of sugar. Start with a glass of ice cold water and add a few wedges of lemon, lime, or a mixture of both. Add a pinch of sugar and your fresh lemon soda is ready.

3. Cucumber Juice

Cucumbers have a very high water content, making them an excellent source of hydration during hot summers. Cucumbers are also easy to cut and juice. You can combine a chilled cucumber with herbs and a slice of freshly cut lemon on top. Here you go. Your summer drink is ready to be poured into a flask or mug to keep it chilled all day long.