Published By: Sougata Dutta

Prospect Of Parenting As A Profession

There’s definitely scope for those who love to nourish..

Psychology, humanity and care taking: these things came so late in the east. In the west, these were practised for more than the last one decade.

Apart from the west, these things were in high practice in the USSR. But, in third world countries, where education is not a very easily available thing for everyone, these subjects are quite new to the common people.

Parenting is the newest of them. It is getting famous day by day as the number of less developed and disordered children is growing.

What is 'Parenting'

Parenting is a profession where an expert with adequate knowledge of child psychology, care taking and behaviour, trains and grooms the parents to treat their offsprings in a healthy way. As the mental and physical development of a child depends on the parents' behaviour and health. So, 'parenting' is basically a training for the parents to behave properly and to bring up the child in a proper manner.

Related Courses

There are so many courses related to this subject. There is a 9 module course programme of WHO, which is basically for the beginners and for the senior experts, there are so many degree courses and recognised institutes to train people for 'Parenting'. People need to learn child psychology and behavioural psychology to get a better understanding about parenting.

Scope of work

People trained in 'Parenting' can work individually or with any health care institution, NGOs, Schools etc. There are WHO organised camps and training programmes where also people can get the scope to work.

Raising scope: social overview

  • In first world countries
During the early ages, it was only practised in the first world countries and it has been spread so much. Parenting is a well established profession over there.
  • In third world countries
But in the first world countries, this is just going through its beginning phase. Not only in the villages, even in the capital cities, parenting has not been considered yet as a categorical profession. But, as we can see, there is a huge increase in the number of less developed and disturbed children, and the parents are not going through a good practice of behaviour with their child and themselves; they definitely need 'Parenting' experts. And people, getting this service have found so effective and fruitful results from 'Parenting'. So, the craze is growing and it can be expected that within a few years, it will be a very famous subject with huge prospects.