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Protect Your Skin And Hair From Gulal

The season of colors is all about playing with different colors of gulal and making it memorable by celebrating the essence of spring.

Hair tips to protect your shiny smooth hair from gulal.

There are various steps to prevent hair from the reaction of gulal due to which pre-hair care tips are required. Application of a leave-in conditioner or serum on your hair would prevent damage by the sun. Applying oil before playing with colors and also if you want can add a few drops of lemon in this part of combination if you have dandruff issues or dry scalp. Tie your hair and do not leave it open before applying gulal. Sesame seed oil can be used for removing colors and messaging them on the face and skin as well as on the whole body. While washing your hair, first rinse it with plain water to wash tiny particles of mica and then apply a mild herbal composition-related shampoo. After that, massage your scalp gently and rinse it with plain water again. Eventually, the use of lemon juice in a mug of water can also work like a magic in your last rinse and beer also works well.

Protect your skin during Holi from the chemical of gulal.

The main problem is the removal of gulal after playing Holi. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not apply soap to wash your face post-Holi because it is alkaline as well as causes dryness. Therefore, before and after playing with gulal, apply lotion or cleansing cream and massage it. Moreover, a cleansing gel would help to dissolve the color and also facilitate the removal of colors.

Eventually, there are high chances you can get dryness and tanned skin after getting your skin exposed to the sun while playing Holi. In order to avoid such complications, mix two tablespoons of honey with a cup of curd and a pinch of turmeric in it. Apply it on the neck, arms and face. Honey also acts as a magical natural moisturizer that helps to soften skin and removes tanned as well as dry particles after application of gulal.  Curd also nourishes your skin naturally as it restores normal acid-alkaline balance.

To prevent your skin from harmful effects of gulal follow this above-mentioned routine as well as follow the tips in order to make your skin glow and hair shine pre and post Holi.


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