Published By: Puja Sinha

Proven Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training has a significant role to play in keeping you functional, stress free, physically fit and mentally resilient

Also known as resistant training, the techniques yield a plethora of benefits helpful to maintain intrinsic wellbeing and a positive attitude towards life.

Effective Burning of Calories 

Strength training boosts metabolism which accelerates calorie burning and exhaustion of fat. Enhanced metabolism also energises you from within and you are better equipped to perform better and increase productivity. Slow metabolism also adversely affects mood swings and short temper leaving you sore and bitter throughout the day. With strength training, you eventually acquire a better grip on unpredictable mood swings or feeling sluggish no matter in what you are engaged. With fast metabolism, blood circulation and flush out of toxins from body are also accelerated promising you a healthy life.

Reduced Abdominal Fat and Healthy Stomach

Strength training is proven to be better effective at burning abdominal fat which triggers inflammation. Inflammation further increases possibilities of cardiovascular health issues, type 2 diabetes and cancer leading to a series of medical complexities and surgeries. Further, this fat leads to lipotoxicity—metabolic by-products are released from the fat cells directly into the bloodstream, and the accumulation of these fatty acids damage liver. In certain cases, lipotoxicity consequents in cirrhosis. Abnormal fat stored in the abdomen alone can increase mortality rate even if your physique is fit and in shape otherwise. If you are aiming to reduce your waistline or visceral fat, the impact of strength training is unparalleled.

Calms Your Mind and Lowers Anxiety Level

Even an eight-week program can fight anxiety since the workout essentially enhances muscular endurance using external resistance. This resistance exercise bodes well for mental health and especially if you have been reeling under stress and anxiety for quite some time now. You may sign up with a strength training program and choose weight machines, dumbbells and free weights since these are more geared towards fighting against anxiety. The aftermath of anxiety—sleeplessness, lethargy etc., are also swiftly warded off. Exercise triggers the release of endorphin hormones which alleviate clinical depression and improve mental tenacity.

Lowers Down Risks of Cardiovascular Ailments 

Aerobic exercises have proven benefits for heart health. When you are partaking in aerobic exercises or strength training weekly, you are better fortified against heart attack, damaged blood cells and high blood pressure. Also, since you are eliminating visceral fat, you are basically doing a favour to your heart since abdominal fat is one of the leading causes of a series of heart diseases.