Put your best foot forward: Ladies, what do your shoes say about you

Women can never have enough shoes. But your choice of footwear speaks volumes about your personality. How? Read and find out.

So, how do you know about someone’s personality? By the way, they talk, or the way they dress up even their postures says a lot. Now there is one more way to know about anyone’s personality; it’s by the shoes they wear. A study in 2012 shows that many people were able to tell about the person’s personality accurately by the shoes they wear. Let’s dive in to know more about it.

The Comfy Flats

If flats are something you wear on a daily basis, then you don’t dress to kill. You are a modest and practical person. It also shows that you are diligent and always manage to get things done without any spotlight on you.

The Fashionable Stilettoes

Stilettoes wearer is ambitious, driven and is someone who is proud of their life choices and likes to mark her presence everywhere she goes. If your wardrobe is full of Louboutin’s and Jimmy Choo’s, many people can say you are materialistic, but it also shows that you are very well paid and enjoy finer things in life.

The Stylish Wedge

Wedge heels or Platform heels provide height and style without the discomfort of the heels. So, the Wedge lover is strong yet graceful. You are elegant and self-assured but still are approachable and warm. People are naturally drawn and feel very comfortable with you.

The Sporty Sneaker

A sneaker lover is hardworking, energetic and always ready for adventure. You are not afraid to try new things. Another aspect of your personality is that you are truly timeless and young at heart; you get along with people of all ages.

The Casual Flip Flop

If Flip Flop is often your choice for footwear, then you have a very casual approach towards life. You take life as it comes and is very easy going. But you could be very spontaneous and take big life decisions in a jiffy. Sometimes it also reflects that you could be very lazy at times.

 The Practical Boots

Boots wearer are often very ambitious, tough and strong-willed women. You can easily take control of any situation, and you always have a plan. Sometimes Boot wearer also like to flaunt the strong, tough masculine side of their personality.

Ladies, if you are trying to make a certain statement about yourself, keep in mind your choice of footwear speaks volumes about you. So, craft your own footprints!