Published By: Satavisha

Quiet Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Keeping In Your Apartment

Dogs were bred by humans for various reasons. While some breeds are loud and bark a lot (mostly watchdogs), others are quieter.

While it is natural for most dogs to bark when they need attention or sense danger (even if it involves barking at a bird resting on your window), many prefer keeping quieter dogs. Whether you want to avoid the 3 a.m. baying for attention or live in a compact apartment with a strict noise ordinance, finding a silent dog breed becomes a necessity when you are trying to establish a harmonious relationship with your neighbours and ensure peace at home. From large to small, these dogs are the ideal apartment dwellers that will keep the noise down.


The Pug is a lovable breed for numerous reasons, from spending most of its time eating and napping to being that dog breed that knows no violence. Pugs bark only when they feel extremely threatened or are very hungry.

French Bulldog

Another adorable, happy apartment dweller - Frenchies do not require much exercise apart from brisk walks. Perhaps their squished snout indicates that they are best suited to temperate climates and need plenty of lounge time. Despite being very playful, it is not in their nature to bark a lot.


Don't get fooled - this charming hound is not mute. However, Basenjis bark the least among all other dog breeds owing to their flatter larynx, and, thus, they are the quietest companion you can get to share the apartment with you. The sound a Basenji makes is very close to yodelling, so you might even cover up for your furry friend and take the blame on yourself to convince your neighbours it was you if it ever comes to that.

Irish Setter

These stunning, red-coated cuties are hunting dogs and not watchdogs. Therefore, the vocalizations of an Irish Setter are often limited to tracing their prey, and you will catch them baying if only you adopt them for their intended purpose of hunting. Since these dogs are bred to work, they are full of energy but also have a sweet and gentle demeanour.

Bichon Frise

A Bichon Frise resembles a toy dog, and they are a favourite among children and also adults. These tiny fluff balls are active, small, and friendly, and for apartment dwellers, they come with one more perk: these little nuggets do not bark a lot. They are not very vocal in any regard, so you cannot count on them when it comes to guarding your home against robbery.

With these dog breeds, you will never have to worry about breaking the noise ordinances, and you can also be mindful of your neighbour's peace of mind.