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Quirky museums in Barcelona

Museums that are different from our notion of museums, and worth the trip

Barcelona, is renowned for its stunning architecture, bustling streets, and rich cultural heritage. However, beyond the iconic landmarks and bustling tourist hotspots lies a hidden gem – a treasure trove of quirky and unconventional museums waiting to be discovered. From bizarre collections to offbeat exhibitions, these museums offer a delightful departure from the ordinary, providing visitors with unforgettable experiences and unexpected insights into Barcelona's eclectic culture.

Chocolate Museum (Museu de la Xocolata)

Calling all chocolate enthusiasts! Dive into a cocoa-filled wonderland at Barcelona's Chocolate Museum, where the tantalizing aroma of chocolate beckons visitors of all ages. From larger-than-life chocolate sculptures to interactive workshops, this museum offers a sweet escape into the world of chocolate craftsmanship. Delve into the rich history of chocolate-making, from ancient Mayan traditions to modern-day confectionery delights, and don't forget to sample some delectable treats along the way!

Museum of Illusions (Museu de les Il·lusions)

Explore a labyrinth of mind-bending exhibits and optical illusions that challenge your perception and ignite your curiosity. From gravity-defying rooms to mind-boggling puzzles, this museum is a playground for the senses and a guaranteed source of wonder and amazement.

Museum of Funeral Carriages (Museu de Carrosses Fúnebres)

A museum of funeral vehicles? Must be spooky, right?  Housed in a former funeral home, this museum showcases a unique collection of ornate horse-drawn carriages used in historical funeral processions. There’s intricate craftsmanship of these solemn vehicles that is the focus and visiots gain insight into the rituals and customs surrounding death and mourning.

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Ah, yes the controversial world of cannabis at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum is quite a trip.  Explore the diverse uses of marijuana throughout history, from ancient medicinal practices to modern-day cultural phenomena. Imagine vintage smoking paraphernalia, thought-provoking artworks, this museum is an exploration of the highs and lows of cannabis culture.

Erotic Museum of Barcelona (Museu de l'Erotica)

Sensuality takes the centre stage at the seductive realm of Erotic Museum of Barcelona. The museum where passion, pleasure, and sensuality is the main focus. Explore the evolution of eroticism through the ages, from ancient art to modern-day erotica. With tantalizing sculptures, provocative photography, and immersive exhibits, this museum is quite a deep delve into the pleasurable senses that is sure to tantalize your senses and immortalize the visit.

Museum of Miniatures Museu de Miniatures

Museum of Miniatures, or Museude Miniatures houses tiny art, where small-scale artistry takes center stage. There are intricate replicas of famous landmarks, whimsical dioramas, and microscopic artworks that defy belief to marvel at. From awe-inspiring miniatures to interactive exhibits, this museum proves that big things truly do come in small packages.


At CosmoCaixa, Barcelona's ultimate science museum, learning becomes an adventure. Immerse yourself in simulated rainforests, explore the depths of the ocean, and unravel the mysteries of the cosmos in this interactive wonderland of science and exploration. With hands-on exhibits and engaging demonstrations, CosmoCaixa is a thrilling glimpse into the wonders of nature.

Museum of Ideas and Inventions)

Explore a collection of quirky inventions and imaginative gadgets designed to solve everyday problems in unexpected ways. From wacky contraptions to ingenious solutions, this museum celebrates the power of human ingenuity and the spirit of innovation.

Museu de la Xampañia

Raise a glass to the Museu de la Xampañia, where the art of champagne-making takes center stage. Explore the history and craftsmanship behind everyone's favorite bubbly beverage, from the vineyards of France to the bustling streets of Barcelona. With sparkling exhibits, tasting sessions, and a dash of glamour, this museum is a toast to the finer things in life.