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Rajini Krishna: Engraving India’s Name in the World of Motorcycle Racing

Years back, Krishnan did what no one could with very little support and no appreciation or recognition. 

In the world of motorcycle racing or superbike racing, the names of Valentino Rossi or Marq Marquez is known by all. Even the countries that do not take part in the MotoGP are aware of these names. They’ve millions of fans from around the world who cheer for them in every race. It is not only because of the talent they have but the support they have received since childhood.

Talking about India, the nation is miles away from competing in the MotoGP. However, it is sad to know that the country is not aware of a racer who is no less than a legend. He has won nine National Road Racing titles and is also the first Indian to win a motorcycle championship on the international stage. Note down the name, he is our own champion racer, Rajini Krishnan!


At the age of 15, the man lost his father and rarely received any support from anyone. However, undeterred he went on to achieve his dream of becoming a full-time motorcycle racer. At the age of 10, the little boy used to work at an autorickshaw shop in Chennai where he fell in love with the mechanical aspects of automobiles. His racing career began way back in 2002 at a time when India rarely had good motorcycles on the streets.

The turning point in his racing career came when TVS understood his potential and gave him the offer to ride the smaller 150cc segment motorcycles. Around the same time, Krishnan went onto clinch the 2006 Malaysian Championship in the 150cc category. By 2009, the racer reached the 600cc category and completed a podium finish at the Asian Road Racing Championship. In 2013, Krishnan participated in the Spanish Moto3 Championship followed by a win in the 1000cc category of the 2015 Malaysian Superbike Championship edition. Last but not least, Krishnan also became the first Indian to participate in the FIM World Endurance 24 Hours Championship in 2010.

What’s he up to now?

At the age of 39, Rajini Krishnan is currently managing his own motorcycle racing academy known as the Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing (RACR) which was established in 2015 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Through his racing academy, Rajini aims to train the current-gen riders with a hope that one of them will participate in the biggest stage of motorcycle racing i.e. MotoGP.

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