Published By: Urbee Sarkar

RAM Upgrade: Signs Your Computer Needs More RAM

Wondering what’s wrong with your computer? You probably just need more RAM.

RAM is the part of your computer that the device accesses to store data temporarily making it easier and quicker for you to get your hands on it. The RAM are attached to the computer’s motherboard in the form of small chips that are mounted on top of long streams known as DIMMs or Dual Inline Memory Modules. When the RAM is in trouble, it needs to be upgraded by removing the DIMMs and switching them for better ones. This would improve the performance of your computer system as well. But, how do you know if you need to upgrade your RAM? Here are some of the signs that your computer needs a RAM upgrade.

Your Computer Has Random Episodes Of Freezing And Rebooting

When the quality of your RAM has gone down or if the RAM is low on your computer, you would notice that the programs and the application on your computer randomly freezes. This is because these programs or apps are using a lot of space of the RAM and it is becoming difficult for your computer system to process all the information. You may also observe that your computer is rebooting randomly even in the middle of tasks. Any such performance issues indicate that the RAM on your computer is low and that it is probably time for an upgrade.

You Are Facing Lagging Issues When Typing

One very strong indication that your RAM is failing is when you face a lag every time you try to type something. Whenever you press any key, it is imperative that the computer responds immediately. However, when you are typing, if you notice that there is a delay of a second or even longer before the text shows up on the screen, it is probably because your RAM is running low. Typing response lags most typically occurs when the RAM of the computer is failing and therefore is a strong sign that you need a new RAM.

Multiple Programs Cannot Run On Your Computer Simultaneously

Your computer should be equipped to run multiple programs and apps at the same time. Unless you are using programs that are resource-heavy, there should not be any performance issues with your computer with a healthy RAM. If you are unable to run multiple programs at once, you need a RAM upgrade.