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Rangoli Hacks For The Lazy Person

Do you love the festive vibes of Diwali but feel lazy when it comes to participating it them? Here are a few rangoli hacks for you that will get your job done without much effort on your part.

Be it Diwali or any other Indian festival, a rangoli adds the festive vibe. However, creating rangolis are a tedious task. There are so many steps involved and so much time needs to be invested in making them. As far as rangolis are considered, you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. For the lazy folks out there, making rangolis feel like a herculean task and not everybody has the patience for it. Here are a few hacks you can try this festive season for making rangolis in an easy and hassle free way.

Keep The Rangoli Design Outlined

If anybody asks, just say it is a contemporary rangoli design! Don’t fill the rangoli up. Use a chalk or chalks of several colours to draw the outline of the rangoli design you prefer. The biggest task in making a rangoli is the part where you need to fill the rangoli up. It takes the most amount of time and effort. So, remove it out of your to-do rangoli list. Just chalking out the outline with a few colourful chalks adds enough colour for your festive mood to get going.

Use Cones To Fill In The Colour

Take one of the cones that you see mehendi artists and pastry artists use to make their designs and fill it up with your rangoli colours. Instead of using your hands to fill in the rangoli outline with colours use these colour filled cones. It will make your job much faster and easier. Moreover, doing this will let you have much control over the filling process and you will not have to worry about the colours spreading outside the rangoli design outline.

Use A Stencil For Making The Rangoli

Not everyone is a creative beast to come up with their own original ideas for making rangolis. Use a premade stencil available in stores and use it to make your rangoli design. All you need to do is take the stencil of your choice and place it on the spot. Sprinkle colours generously on the stencil to make the design. Remove the stencil very gently so that the freshly made design does not get ruined.

Urbee Sarkar

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