Published By: Sreyanshi

Read Books Instead of Buying Courses!

You need to stop buying all these courses and start reading a few books! Here’s why.

Let me give you a bit of unsolicited advice, I am not even sorry! Please don’t buy all these courses, rather read a few books. They are easily available on the internet if you want to buy a hardcopy or an ebook. Just go for it!

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on buying courses that will leave you with half-baked skill sets, zero understanding and a bunch of digital marketing flyers! You can do better than that. If you dig deep enough and follow experts in the fields you are specifically interested, you’d get ample suggestions about some of the legendary books of that doctrine. All you gotta do is, get them online, or buy them. Because buying courses did not much help so far, did it?

There is a simple reason for that. It’s known that knowledge indeed is power, but do we know how much more knowledge exactly we can gain from books, compared to attending courses. Once done proper research you will find that sitting through boring lectures and buying a bunch of expensive courses will never be able to help you as much as you can gain by educating yourself from books.

Of course that doesn’t mean that all courses are simply waste of time, there are several authentic courses out there that will give you your value for money and really teach you some skills, but just habit of researching and reading books consistently can give you way more knowledge than that. If you are in the habit of learning you will easily pick it up and you will have a broader understanding of events and the grand narrative, instead of having fragmented views about fringe issues! We have been neglecting books so far and underestimating their power to train us in more ways than we can imagine!

People in the habit of reading often learn many a things from the books they read than the lectures they attend in colleges and universities. And in case of online courses, it becomes really hard to keep concentration and properly learn a subject. Compared to that self learning enables way more focus and can help a student learn faster, better and make him surer. Let’s us not underestimate the power of books!