Published By: Ishita Vohra

Really Hate Exercise? These Tips May Change Your Mind

No wonder that working out can assist you with getting in shape and living longer, yet many people stay away from it, as they prefer not to work out.

Many think that to get the advantages of exercise, you need to go through hours at the gym or run for a long distance- yet there are numerous ways of working out and they are more enjoyable than that.

You do not need to be a gym hero to get into physical activity to improve your health. There are great ways of making normal exercise part of your life - which can help you with having more energy, handling pressure better, decreasing your risk of sickness and infection, and looking and feeling far better! But, most of us don't make exercise a regular habit. Furthermore, many say this because they do not like it.

So how might you quit being a hater and get over-exercise dislike? Here are a few hints to assist you with adding actual exercise to your life - and perhaps figure out how to like it!

You Don't Need to Exercise 30 Minutes Every Day to Obtain Results

So indeed, everybody can complete 30 minutes of daily work-out for a multi-week. But how many people can continue this for next 5 years?

The benefit of starting small is that you avoid your brain's fight-or-flight response. The fight-or-flight response is a mechanism that causes you to sabotage yourself and end up hating the sport if you continue to do something that seems "big" for a long time.

This way, instead of starting your exercise program without thinking, you will be ready to expand your exercise plan by focusing on forming the habit first and then moving a little bit each day.

You Don't Need to Force Yourself

If you force yourself to do something, 90% of the time you will do it wrong and you won't be able to continue practicing.

Some people are motivated by a challenge, some are driven by a challenge, and some hate it. If you are someone who hates it, stop trying to change yourself. Instead, change your approach to exercise.

You Can Regain Inspiration

We believe the answer to continuing to exercise is motivation.

If you think, ``I want to exercise more,'' your motivation to exercise will increase. If you don't, it's not because you lack motivation. That is because something is blocking you.

If you already have a daily exercise routine, you don't need to be motivated to get up off the couch and exercise. You will try to put it into action, naturally, without arguing with yourself.

Exercise Can Be Interesting

Most advice for this excuse tells you to find something you really like. Still, we know that for most people, exercise itself is rarely the reason for their dislike. The problem is that you have to do it for too long.

Joining a fitness program or hiring a personal trainer for a few weeks can also help you find a habit that interests you.

Find An Exercise Mate

For people who hate exercise, having a workout partner can be very helpful for a variety of reasons.

Having someone to workout with makes the time pass faster and helps you get used to the exercise. You can also motivate each other and hold each other responsible. You will both feel guilty if you do not show up to a training session or slack off.

Make It Fun

If you want to get in shape, you need to find a workout that makes you happy. If you hate exercise, or even the thought of exercising makes you feel tired and nauseous, it's not a good experience for you. Therefore, make sure that the exercise routine or training plan you choose is enjoyable.

Pay Attention To Music

For people who hate exercise, music is a great way to boost your mood. If you have a playlist that gets you excited and energized, load it up and click play. The right music puts your mind in the right state of mind, making it easier to enjoy your workout.