Reasons behind youths growing obsession with reels

From school going children to daily wage workers, there are many who are making reels on social media these days. While social media is an easy platform to showcase your talent, it has become an obsession for many.

Let’s understand the reasons why youth is obsessed with making reels these days.

Fame – The first and foremost reason why the youth wants to make reels is because they think it is an easy way to fame. You can see people making reels on roads, metro stations, trains, buses and even at dangerous places like a railway track for the sake of becoming famous. After every few days, we see a new face on internet gone viral because of a reel they made. This has triggered the youth who just wants to be famous on internet.

Budget – The fact that you can create watchable content on social media in a shoe string budget has inspired many to make reels. All you need is a mobile phone and proper lighting and you can be the next star on social media.

Easy to view format – Reels are a completely new format and they are watched frequently by anyone who has a social media account. You cannot make a short film and expect everyone to devote few minutes of their time to watch your creativity but reels are relatively shorter and people watch them without expecting much. You can win the heart of internet by singing few lines of a song or by recreating a famous scene within seconds. People who scroll through their feeds every day, watch around 15-20 reels without realizing what they are watching. Reels are like any munching snack, you don’t really know if you need them but if you have it, you munch it without realizing the quantity. Many influencers have making reels because it is giving them easy views without doing much effort.

Chance to create something – Reels culture and short video apps like tiktok have given a chance to create something to teenagers. These days, everyone wants to be a content creator as they think it is the easiest way to make money. Whenever we watch a film as a teenager, there is a feeling that keeps pounding inside the heart that we can be actors too. Many people wants to be actors, singers, rockstars, etc at the age of adolescence but only few pursue their dream. These platforms have given a chance to many to fulfill their dream or hobby of creating something. That is the reason why people from different age groups, income, background, geographical location and genders are trying their hands in making videos.

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