Reasons Short Nails Are Fashionable

Here’s why short nails will always be on trend.

Long fingernails may be trendy, but shorter nails will always be on trend. There are several reasons why. Lower maintenance and hygiene are just some of them. Social media often showcases beautiful long nail art trends. However, short and well-manicured nails have a clean, chic and elegant look that can elevate any style. Here are some reasons to sport short nails.

Short nails are super easy to maintain

Despite the popularity of longer nails, a lot of people prefer to keep their nails short. This is because it is easy to manage and maintain. Plus, it looks effortlessly chic. These are some of the reasons short nails are appealing to many. A short and clean polished look is easier to maintain than trendy long nails. Another reason short nails may be the better option is that it is more practical. Doing everyday tasks with long nails can be tricky. It is best to sport that style for special occasions. Simply typing or trying to apply make-up can be difficult when you have long nails.

Shorter nails tend to be healthier

If you love long nails but are prone to breaking or tend to experience peeking, short nails may be better for you. It could also help to improve the condition of your nails. Keeping your nails short can help them gain strength and length. Research suggests longer nails tend to have more micro-organisms present compared to shorter nails. Longer nails can also make it harder to wash your hand and make it difficult to effectively practice hand hygiene.

Shorts nails have a style of their own

Short nails may not be flashy, but they have an understated elegance to them. They can have a wow factor no matter what the season, year, or trend. You can achieve striking manicures with short nails by choosing the right colours and designs that go with short nails. Reverse French tips or small cuticle dots with a sheer base are some cool options to try. You can also explore the milky manicure, which has gained popularity. French tipped nails with a modern twist can look chic. If you want to be bold, get experimental with bright pops of contrasting colour. A simple way to style short nails is by trying simple nail art designs like a half-moon, small lines and dots. The key is to take a minimalist approach instead of attempting intricate and detailed designs.

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