Reasons That Make Lionel Messi the Most Lovable Footballer

Argentinian Footballer, Lionel Messi who is considered one of the finest players in the world, has just recently shaken the world, by winning the FIFA world cup 2022, last year along with his team. He has a massive record in terms of goals, assists, and feats on the football field. Indeed, he is the best! Here are some reasons why!

Supportive of his teammates– One of the most amazing things that become established, especially when you watch football matches closely, is that no matter how good a player is, it is ultimately the team that wins it. Not only is he supportive and keeps the team together and comforts them when they are down or advises them when needed off-field,  but there also was an immense amount of coordination between him and his teammates, and it is this coordination, ability to chalk out how they would pass to each other that pushed them to the world cup. Every match was a fight but they confronted it as a team, and Messi had something to do with it!

Congenial to the opposing team and other star players- One of the most endearing things about Messi is that he is always very congenial about other star players and always talks about them in a positive way rather than seeing them as rivals. Whenever in interviews, he will always praise them and talk about their skills. Even after matches, he is always congenial even when they are on the opposing team, and will always make it a point to shake hands and hug them. These moments make one like him even more!

Family man – One more thing which is very appealing is his constant reiteration about how much he loves his partner and kids, the presence of his family in every football match, and the support he receives from them. It makes you realize what a lovely person he is as well. There are many cute videos on the internet circulating of him playing with his sons and hugging his partner which show that he is also a lovely person!

Congenial to his fans– This is one of the best things. There are many instances when fans have approached him and he has been extremely kind to them and very generous, even sometimes sending signed jerseys to fans who could not meet him in person. Such things are sure to warm your heart!

So what aspect about him do you like the most?

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