Reasons to avoid trans fat

Trans fat or trans unsaturated fatty acids are regarded as the most awful fat for the human body.

Not all fat consumables are bad for human health, some are good, while some are worst. Trans fat is one such type that harms your body in numerous ways. In other words, the more you consume trans fat, the more unhealthy you become. Before going into the health consequences, it's important to understand the definition and sources of trans fat. Go through this article for details.

Definition of trans fat and its sources:

Trans fat is the unintentional byproduct of the manufacturing processes of both vegetable and fish oils. Due to the addition of hydrogen, trans fat remains solid at room temperature. Owing to this property, trans fat is added to various food items to increase shelf life. Naturally, trans fat can be obtained from dairy products. From commercially baked goods like cookies, pies, and cakes to frozen pizza, and french fries, all these delicious foods contain a high amount of trans fat.

Trans fat and body cholesterol content:

All types of fats obtained from food increase the level of both bad and good cholesterol in the blood. But why does trans fat get such a bad reputation? The only reason is the consumption of trans fat leads to an exponentially high increase in bad cholesterol than good cholesterol. As a result, the ratio between good and bad cholesterol gets disrupted completely leading to cholesterol deposition in blood vessels and arteries preventing the normal flow of blood. Consequently, the human body becomes susceptible to numerous cardiovascular diseases.

Trans fat accumulation and diabetes:

Although there are not enough scientific results to directly prove the relationship between the occurrence of diabetes and trans fat accumulation, some surveys confirmed that people with a high concentration of trans fat are more susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

Trans fat increases the risks of inflammation:

Excess inflammation plays a significant role inthe occurrence of lethal chronic diseases. Excess trans fat consumption is linked to increased inflammatory reactions in the human body. Understandably, you must avoid foods with high trans fat levels for better health.

Alternative foods to trans fat:

Stay away from cooking oils with high trans fat concentrations. Instead, choose olive or peanut oils, rich with monounsaturated fat. Start consuming plant-based meat and dairy products which are becoming famous alternatives to trans fat. Some brands are making products with insignificant trans fat concentration, which you may buy from the supermarket.

Trans fat is truly bad for your health as they are tough to remove from blood circulation. By changing food habits and performing regular exercises you can decrease the level of bad cholesterol accumulated by trans fat consumption.