Reasons to visit Sweden

The fifth largest European country has quite a handful to offer.

From the Arctic white lands to sandy beaches, from history and culture to scrumptious delights, Sweden’s picturesque small towns, love for museums and little cafes offering pastries and confectionaries are only the beginning.

Sweden might not the hotlist of tourists but this European country is one of the safest places to tour, even solo. Indulge in the era of the Vikings, explore the winding cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, take in the forested scenic routes, soak up the coastal beauty at Bohuslan, and get away from the din of the city life at Lapland.

Here are the reasons why you should visit Sweden.

Sweden is nature-lovers paradise

Whether its Skane, southern Sweden with its little villages and towns and lush greenness or the impressive mountain ranges, Sweden’s nature life is picturesque. Even locals are nature lovers and makes up for excellent company.

Love sauna? Sweden got you covered

Sauna and Sweden go hand in hand. Saunas are available everywhere as it is a part of the life there. It is a big part of Swede lifestyle and helps in releasing toxins from the body.

Architecture mingles the old with the new

Sweden’s architecture offers a mix of the old with the new. Unlike other countries, the cities aren’t all about skyscrapers. The Scandinavian architecture are influenced by New Classicism with touch of local aesthetics.

Midnight Sun

You can stay out super late because during the Midnight Sun where the northern part of Sweden gets 24 hours of daylight and in the southern part, the sun sets around 2 AM. It is an experience of its own,

Almost everyone can speak English

Pretty much everyone can speak in English in Sweden. Even little kids are taught English in nursery and they learn through media. Even though you will have no problem going about without knowing Swedish, it’s always good to pick up a few local words.

Swedes take their music seriously

Music festivals are abundant in Sweden and Swedes love their music festivals. From Stockholm Jazz Festival to Way Out West in Gothenburg, there are plenty to choose from and have a great time. And Midsummer is the biggest festival in Sweden that is quite like nothing you have experienced before.

Winter activities are so much fun

Snowmobiling is fun, hunt the northern lights, spot Arctic wildlife, dog sledding through Lapland, experiencing the Sami culture of fur trapping and reindeer hunting, snowy scenes in Kiruna, Sweden’s winter activities is a mix of experiencing the culture, in par with nature and adrenaline fueled.


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