Reasons why Cherrapunji is preferred by nature-lovers.

If you love nature, Cherrapunji is a place you must visit once in your lifetime.

There are hardly a few people who don’t like rainfall. Cherrapunji, the wettest region in India, is a famous holiday destination to enjoy nature to the fullest. Many tourists have defined this place as one of the incredible gems of Asia. Cherrapunji is situated in Meghalaya. Even if you don’t love rainfall, you can visit there to experience the beautiful nature during October and May as the rainfall decreases. Apart from enjoying rainfall, there are numerous reasons to visit there. Go through this article to know why Cherrapunji is so loved by travelers.

Cherrapunji, the paradise for monsoon lovers:

Cherrapunji looks amazingly beautiful while raining. This is the second wettest region on this planet. Enjoying the rainfall while sipping on tea with some snacks is truly a delightful experience. If you are feeling down emotionally, visit there to experience rainfall, this will definitely going to help you therapeutically.

Living Root Bridges, incredible natural wonder:

Undoubtedly, Cherrapunji is an excellent spot for trekking as well as soaking up the peace obtained from nature. To add more excitement, you need to visit Tyrna village. You will find a naturally made double-decker bridge. Yes, you heard it right. The bridge is made up of branches and the roots of trees. This 100-feet long bridge is strong enough to carry humans too. experience,

Cherrapunji will provide the purest quality of air:

With the rapid rise in pollution, it’s hard to inhale pure air. To detoxify your blood by inhaling the purest natural air, you need to visit Mawlynnong village in Cherrapunji. You will never get so fresh air anywhere in Asia. This village is considered the cleanest village in Asia. Apart from the quality of the air, this is also a picturesque place. Considering the pure environment, tourists call it ‘God’s garden’. Want to visit Paradise? Visit this place to fulfill your wish. You will be surprised to know that only local people take care of this entire village without much access to advanced technologies.

Cherrapunji is a place where you will experience wonderful waterfalls:

Waterfalls are another attraction of Cherrapunji. The mesmerizing view of numerous streams of water coming down will surely give you a sense of serenity.

Visit Nokrek National Park to see Red Panda:

This national park is situated approximately 130 kilometers away from Cherrapunji town. If you are a Panda lover, visit there. Those cute Red Pandas will surely impress you. Apart from that, you can observe Asian elephants and a wide variety of flora. Wildlife lovers shouldn’t miss visiting this place.

Thangkharang Park, a hidden gem in Cherrapunji:

You will observe lush greenery, rock structure, and Waterfalls here. Put your camera at any point, you will surely get amazing views. From here, you can also observe the Bangladesh plains.

Other exciting features of Cherrapunji:

It’s hard to compile and describe all the wonders of Cherrapunji in one article. Apart from the above-mentioned attractions, there are many things to explore in Cherrapunji. You can enjoy trekking and hiking too. The valleys and caves are other major attractions in Cherrapunji. So, you will get almost every natural wonder in Cherrapunji.

Believe it or not, a trip to Cherrapunji will always be unforgettable for you.

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