Reasons why International cricketers buy their bats from India

In the recent times, India has become the favorite sports market of many international cricketers, especially batsmen to purchase cricket bats and other sports essentials.

India is one of the largest suppliers of cricket bats. Here are some of the reasons why cricketers prefer to have their bats built in India.


Indian cricket bats are mostly made up of Kashmir willow which is the best in quality. The willow is perfect for hitting and provides the required strength to the bat. In the age of T20 and power hitting, a batsman want to make the most of every ball. Kashmir willow gives the necessary stroke to the bat and makes it easier to strike the ball. How often we have seen cricketers hitting sixes even on a mistimed shot, all this is the wonder of willow. Willow is nothing but the wood which is used to make cricket bats. It is extracted from the forest. Earlier, English willow was known to be the best and players used to buy their bats from England but for some time, the Indian willow has become the best.


India is hub for sports products, especially cricket bats and kits. Many cricketers, from the time of Ricky Ponting, get their bats from Meerut, the city of sports collection. Meerut, located in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh, is a small city that is famous for its pulp fiction novels and sports good. It has some of the best cricket bat manufacturers who are making bats for the international cricketers for a long time but you may not know them as the sticker used by players on bats are different. Meerut is known for manufacturing the bats as per the requirement and need of the batsman and that is why many international cricketers like Ponting, Lara, Sachin etc. have bought cricket bats from there.


In today’s era, many cricketers like to carry a handful of bats. Some cricketers like Sachin and Dravid used to carry 7-8 cricket bats on a tour for the sake of making runs with all of them. Cricket is a competitive sport and batsmen are not taking any risk of accidents these days. With toe crushing Yorkers bowled, we have seen bats getting destroyed easily. India is a place where cricketers can get their bats personalized easily and they can carry bats of different sizes and shapes. Many players like Dhoni use heavier bat for hitting in the death overs and it is achieved by having a bat expert with you, which are available in the country easily.

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