Reasons Why People Gossip At Work

Gossiping is a common occurrence within any workspace and here’s why people do it.

Speaking behind colleagues, trash talking bosses and subordinates as well as spreading rumors are some of the most common occurrences in any workplace. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, chances are you will be dragged into such petty gossips in your workplace. While these are definite signs of having toxic workplace, there are reasons why people do it, Desire for intimacy, insecurities, lack of belongingness are just of the reasons people bad mouth colleagues at work. Sometimes, people may simply do it out of some personal vendetta or purely to be mean and to hurt. Whatever the reason maybe, gossiping in a workplace could be considered a form of bullying and need to be stopped. Here are a few reasons why people gossip at work.

People Want To Feel Included

The fear of missing out is a strong force that pushes people to participate in workplace gossip. Often people find it hard to accept that they might miss out on some information that others may have. Moreover, gossiping is a desperate attempt to try to be included in a group and belong to the inner circle. The more they gossip, the more important they feel to their colleagues. The desire to be a part of a group or a team influences them into taking part in office. Moreover, this grants them the satisfaction feeling important because they are the people “in the know” keeping track of information on everybody.

People Want To Work With Their Peers

People have the tendency to be with like-minded people. The moment someone walks down the office door who is different from the others, that person becomes a topic for gossip. Whether the person has superior capabilities than the others or whether they are less competent than the others, difference fosters gossip. This is also because people try to get leverage over people who are different. They prefer working with people who are no different than them instead of being able to celebrate individuality. It is the herd mentality that promotes gossiping culture in a workplace.

People Crave For Connection

Gossiping is the easiest and the quickest way to gain the attention of someone and to form a connection. Most people who don’t get enough attention in the workplace tend to start gossiping to build relationships with colleagues.

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