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Reasons Why Roald Dahl books are timeless

Though Roald Dahl’s books may seem more appropriate for kids than adults, their unforgettable characters, unique and unexpected plots, and enticing and highly creative scenarios, which are so surreal, make these an enthralling read! Anyone who reads them is sure to be left with the stories, the messages, and the quirkiness for a long time! Here are a few reasons why he is always going to be relevant, even if one read him as a kid!

Quirky and adorable characters and Wonky Plot lines

All the characters in all the stories have some unique qualities and wonky plot lines. From Matilda’s ability to perform magic to the nasty Twits, to Danny’s brilliant but dangerous mind to the BFG’s adventures to Dr. Willy Wonka’s unbelievably amazing chocolate factory, his books offer engrossing, wildly creative, and highly entertaining scenarios that are sure to enrapture the readers! Not only that, even his characters are so beautiful. They all have in them a quirky side and are comical, whether they are nasty or very kindly, and are sure to make the reader immediately form an opinion of them.

Witty and Progressive

Not only in his books but if one reads his poems, such as on Cinderella, mother Christmas, Hansel and Gretel, and Rapunzel, there is also a certain wit with which he writes. He writes a subversive version of the stories and myths( such as that of Father Christmas  )  that we are familiar with. This is also a very progressive stance in children’s literature, as a lot of the traditional stories that he subverts talk about subservience and obedience, especially of women characters. However, he breaks through these paradigms and depicts strong powerful independent characters and this is an inspiration and good for children.  Therefore, his books are very relevant!

Message of Hope

Stories such as Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Esio Trot, Danny, the Champion of the World, George’s Marvellous Medicine as well as others all give a message, of hope. Most of the time, the characters( mostly children, except Eiso Trot) are stuck in seemingly impossible situations. Yet, in these stories, they overcome it, often finding in the process friends ( such as Sophie in The BFG and Matildaand Miss Honey in Matilda), hope, relief, escapes, comfort, and sometimes even love. Human relationships and bonding are beautifully depicted by Dahl.

Amazing Illustrations

One of the most eye-catching aspects of Dahl’s books is the nearly-spontaneously designed sketches that are alongside the text. These were done by Quentin Blake, and make the books even more memorable!

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