Published By: Riya Banerjee

Reasons why you need to add Washington DC to your travel list right now!

If you are wondering where to go for your next holiday, then we have the best option for you.

When one thinks of Washington DC, the first thing that comes to mind is politics and people in power suits conducting business. But the capital city is so much more than that. From the art and culture to the food, Washington DC has so much to offer and is thus always bustling with tourists from all over the world. For peo0ple who are on a budget trip, the city even has several free things to see and do. If you are still not sure whether to add Washington DC to your travel list or not, here we will give you all the reasons why you should!

The spring season is mesmerizing

If you want to plan a trip to Washington DC, you must try to visit it during spring time. The cherry blossom season is something to be not missed at all. You can even see the National Cherry Blossom Festival while you are there which goes on for almost a month.

See the several museums

Washington DC has incredible history and culture surrounding the city. If you are someone who likes to know about a city’s past then a visit to the many museums in this capital city is a must. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of Natural History, and a few others would be a good option to consider.

Eat as much as you can!

When in Washington DC, if you don’t eat till your stomach cannot take it anymore, then it won’t be as fun a trip as you want it to be. The city is known for its diverse and immensely delicious food scene. From high end restaurants to small little cafes, the city has got it all!

Visit the White House

One of the most popular things to do while in Washington DC is to visit the White House. But in order to get tickets, you will need to book months in advance. So make sure to plan ahead and book the tickets accordingly!