Reasons You Need To Watch Disney’s Cruella

Cruella De Vil –if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will!

We have all grown up watching Disney’s famous cartoon show, 101 Dalmatians. The lady villain, Cruella is one of the scariest baddies that Disney has ever produced and we all have wondered what made her the way she is. Cruella can get to any extent to get what she wants and no means is beneath her. Her only motive in life is to make stunning fur coats by skinning puppies. Disney recently launched its action film, Cruella that has the character front and center. The film is a prequel demonstrating the life events of Cruella that made her into fashion designer and nightmare for dogs. Here are few reasons as to why you should definitely watch Disney’s newest venture, Cruella.

Brilliant Cast

Disney has nailed it with the cast for its film, Cruella. Almost all the Hollywood biggies have played remarkable roles in the film starting with Emma Thompson, Joel Fry and Mark Strong. Of course the person who steals the show is Emma Stone in the role of Cruella herself. Her performance is seamless, brilliant absolutely remarkable. She effortlessly transforms from Estella to Cruells mesmerizing the audience with her performance. You will also notice other noteworthy characters from major TV series playing roles in the Disney film. Among them are Anita from ‘Killing Eve’, Horace from ‘Cobra Kai’, and Roger from ‘Four Lions’ The cast of Cruella is a delight across the screen and making the film a worthy watch.

Packed With Humor

Disney has not played it short when it came to loading the film with humor. Cruella has been rendered with witty one liners and sarcasm that has been excellently delivered. The slap-stick comedy is right on point. Of course, the film would not do justice to the characters of Horace and Jasper had there not been enough clever comedy. The humor endowed in the film is well and intelligently written and you would find yourself chuckling through most of the film’s run.

Insight Into Cruella’s Life

Cruella did not become a Cruella overnight. For years people had wondered what had made Cruella into a cruel opponent of dogs who would want to skin them just for the sake of fashion. The film ties up loose ends to solve the mystery of how Cruella came to become a villain and somehow it all makes sense!

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