Published By: Sohini

Reasons you should use clay bottles for drinking water

Come let’s find out a few benefits of clay pots in a more detailed manner.

A clay pot is a very common item you will find in most Indian houses, especially during the summertime. It is not only a traditional alternative for glass, steel, or plastic containers but is also meant to be nutritious. Storing water or drinking from Clay pots has several therapeutic benefits that will be unleashed here.

Storing water in clay bottles keeps metabolism intact

It helps to improve our metabolism and the natural metabolic system of the body is boosted with water that is stored in a clay pot.

Absence of toxic compounds

It is one of the greatest advantages of drinking water in a clay bottle and there is no fear of toxic chemicals in the same.

It keeps the water naturally cool

Water that is stored in a clay bottle is at perfect temperature levels, hydrates properly and provides a cooling effect, and remains gentle on the throat.

Helps to cure gastric and acidity problems

Drinking water stored in a clay bottle is well known for curing issues like acidity” you might have noticed that your family member sometimes speaks about drinking water from clay pots to benefit your health”.

Prevents sunstrokes

Drinking water from clay pots is also known for preventing sunstroke as said by many experts.

Environmental friendly

Clay bottles or pots that are environmentally friendly are always better than plastic bottles because they are more economical.

Alkaline in nature

Clay pots are alkaline in nature whenever it comes in contact with the acidity of water, it gives proper pH balance and this helps in curbing acidity as well as provides relief to gastronomic pains.

Clay heals

The clay is fully replete with minerals and electromagnetic energy, so whenever the water is stored into it, it charges the water with healing powers.

Easy to carry

As these are environmentally friendly and comparatively cheaper, you can carry them easily as well as dispose of them if required without any guilt. These are quite pocket friendly and come in different shapes and designs.

Tastes sweet

It tastes sweet whenever you drink water from it and not just that, it also feels gentle on your throat as mentioned before and the taste is any day better than filtered water.

Even today, clay pots are used in many rural areas to store water because they still believe in its benefits. Here are some of the important facts about using clay bottles to drink water to keep your mind and body healthy all day long