Reasons you should watch Bridgerton

Netflix has given us many brilliant binge-worthy material and Bridgerton is worth your time.

A eight part mini seriesBridgerton is a period drama set in 19th century Regency Period in London.There are delightful societal tete-a-tete, a lavish lifestyle of the elite in London’s Ton and follows the story of Daphne Bridgerton, in search of a man to marry. From the makers of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, Bridgerton was produced by Shonda Rimes and the show took three years to make its debut on Netflix.

We know it might sound like a done to death tale and it is, but with copious amount of addictive storytelling, scandal, love and deceit.

Plus, their exclusive acoustic soundtracks of pop tracks will catch you off guard from all the drama that goes about. And you’ll be nothing short of thrilled.

Here’s a few reasons why you should watch Bridgerton.

Addictive storyline

Imagine Gossip Girl and Downtown Abbey come together in an alternate historical period drama. Imagine elaborate clothes from the time, throw in a gossip monger Lady Whistledown and aristocratic secrets, family drama, gowns and balls and lots of Rege-Jean Page.

Find your favourite pop songs in orchestral remixes

That’s right. The mini series features string quartet orchestral version of Ariana Grande and Billie Ellish’s tracks. If the soundtrack sounds familiar, it’s cause it is.

Watch it for the narrator

Bridgerton is voiced by none other than Julie Andrews who narrates the whole show in the character of Lady Whistledown. There’s a honey-like sweetness which ironically talks and writes about scandal in two aristocratic family and spills their secrets all over a newsletter.

Diverse characters and cast

Set in the Regency Period, this mini-series produced by Shondaland do not restrict the storytelling to only white characters. The male protagonist is a black man Simon Basset, a young aristocratic suitor who comes to town. The diverse cast, though utopian, is appreciated enough.

Eloise Bridgerton

There is this one particular lady who dares to rage against the norms and in this mini-series its Eloise Bridgerton. The character with the best one-liners, Eloise is well-read and dares to be what she wants to be. A feminist, an advocate of rights, equipped with sarcasm, it won’t be a surprise if she becomes your favourite.

Lavish costumes and sets

From silken gowns to feathered hats, finest diamond neckpiece to impeccable tailored suits, Bridgerton will give you major fashion vibes. The sets are elaborately structured while keeping the era-specific setting in mind. Even for outdoor scenes stunning backdrops are used to truly bring out the picturesque of the shots.

Rege-Page Jean

Trust us, you will thank us later. Enough said.


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