ReasonsTo Try Breakfast Salads

Here’s why you should start your day with salads.

Breakfast salads are becoming popular in the wellness world for many reasons. It is loaded with nutritious and delicious ingredients. It is also paced with fresh flavours. You may enjoy your regular morning meal. But maybe it is time to switch things up in your first meal of the day. All you need is some fresh vegetables, like kale or spinach, avocado, tomato, olive oil, seeds, and a good source of protein. You can make it as colourful as you want. More colours added to your salad is a good sign you are consuming foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Load it up with the freshest greens you like. This meal is not just filling, there are good reasons to give it a try. Here is why you should start your day with a breakfast salad instead of a traditional breakfast.

Breakfast salads have nutritional value

This breakfast contains plenty of goodness that can help you start the day right. You may not be used to eating vegetables or a heavy load of it in the morning time, but it could make a big change in your life. A nutrient-dense breakfast can help set you up for the day. Eating well in the morning may increase your chances of opting for better and healthier food choices later in the day.

Ingredients to add to a breakfast salad

This salad requires a combination of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats to keep you fueled for the day. Once you add leafy greens to your salad, it’s time to load up on the essentials. Sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice, and pumpkin are good complex carbohydrate options to try. For protein, you will need a good amount of beans, legumes, tofu, or nuts. Avocado, olive oil, and seeds are good sources of healthy fats. Make sure to add good energy foods to this dish.

Load your salad up with fibre and calcium

You do not have to consume a breakfast salad every day of the week. You should make this a healthy choice at least twice a week. However, when you do consume it, make sure it contains whole grains, like quinoa. Traditional cereals and oats tend to have plenty of whole grains. You also need a good amount of calcium in your body. Make sure a good source of calcium is in another meal during the day if it is not in your breakfast.

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