Published By: Nirtika Pandita

Recipes to making desi Popsicle treats for kids and family

Easy To make and feed to children, good for health too

It is inevitable to not binge on ice cream during the peak summertime. Otherwise, too, relishing an ice cream doesn't need a reason. Especially for children, ice cream should never be denied. But at the same time, binging on the market made popsicles or ice cream can never be a daily phenomenon. Then, what better way to give children healthy nutrient-rich than ice popsicles? You make a quick and easy one at home in just a few minutes. Yes, you read that right. Simple easy to make fruit rich popsicles made using the basic ingredients from your pantry and put in the freezer. Vola! Your popsicle is ready. So here is a list of a few simple recipes for you to make delicious popsicles at home.

Mixed fruit Popsicle

All you need is one cup watermelon, a few strawberries, a few grapes or other fruit for garnish, one-fourth cup of coconut milk, and add kiwifruit if you like. Now begin with adding the watermelon and strawberry to the blender. Blend it until the two form a puree consistency, and remember to not add water. Now cut up the kiwi or any other fruit of your choice and add it to the popsicle mould. On top of it, pour the watermelon and strawberry puree; halfway through add some more fruits and finish by pouring the remaining puree and then add a layer of coconut milk. All you have to do is wait for it to freeze and then relish.

Lemony, minty and melon popsicle

For this, all you need is two cups of ripe muskmelons, about 30ml of lime juice, a natural sweetener like honey or jaggery, fresh mint leaves as much as you like, and leave some for garnishing later. Now in a blender, add the cups of ripe muskmelon, add the lime juice and a few mint leaves-  be sure to not make the mint the overpowering flavour, and then add the sweetener of choice like honey. Blend it well into a smooth puree texture. Now pour this puree into the popsicle, halfway throw in some mint leaves, and cover with the remaining puree. Put in to freeze and enjoy.

Magical yoghurt popsicle

For this, all you need is black grapes - remember to remove the seeds – a cup of yoghurt, raspberries if you like, and a natural sweetener of your choice. Now, add the seedless black grapes, yoghurt, honey, or jaggery in a blender and blend until smooth mixture. Now in the popsicles mould, add the mixture, halfway through adding a few raspberries, and cover the rest with the remaining mixture. All you do now is put it in the freezer.