Published By: Shreya Ghai

Reduce your screen time - 3 strategies to reduce your screen time

Are you a screen addict? Here's how you can get rid of your screen time and spend your time wisely.

Are you spending most of your time on your mobile phones, tablets or laptops? We know social media is addictive and you love to read, learn or watch new things every day. There is so much to explore on screen that you actually forget to do any other activities that you always loved or were fond of doing. All you would want to do is scroll through your social media platforms, gaming online or filling your online shopping carts. If you are thinking of reducing your screen time, here are a few tips you can try to implement in your daily life to get off your screen and spend time in other interesting activities that you may be missing out on otherwise.

DITCH THE SCREEN WHILE EATING YOUR MEALS - Most of you are addicted to watching tv, netflixing or scrolling through your phone while eating your meals. Whether you are sipping on your coffee, eating your breakfast or in between your lunch or dinner, you automatically are addicted to checking your screen from time to time. If you ban your screen time during your meal breaks, your eyes will get some time to rest and you will be able to truly enjoy your meals.

INDULGE IN BOOKS -  Remember those days when there were barely anyone who used to get online to look for recipes or any remedies  and look into encyclopedias, recipe books and medical remedy books instead. Believe it or not books can be your best friend. It is definitely faster and easier to look up information online but if you want in-depth research, find your way through a book. Do not solely rely on technology, books are written for a purpose.

KEEP AWAY FROM TECHNOLOGY BEFORE GOING TO BED - When it comes to going off to sleep or taking a nap, make sure you put away your electronics.  While technology is comforting to pass your time before going to sleep, it also has adverse effects to your sleep. You may suffer from insomnia due to bad sleeping patterns. It will also affect your eyesight.  Turning off technology, dimming your bedroom lights is a great way to reduce your screen time and also have a sound sleep.

The longer the screen time, the less would you find time for yourself to invest in other activities or chores. Getting rid of screen addiction is very difficult but nothing is impossible if you are determined to achieve it. Starting with these simple strategies, does not guarantee you will immediately get off your screen but you will surely reduce your screen time.

Go off your screen, and spend your time wisely.