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Regular habits that can make life a lot healthier

It doesn’t take a village to get healthy. Just little things.

We’ve all complained about not getting enough exercise, eating enough greens, not being so social, all the while doing nothing about it. Some choices we make, we know, do not contribute much to us being healthy but we do it anyway.

There are habits that can contribute to make life a little bit, if not a lot, healthier. Here’s some.

Have a morning ritual

Establishing a morning routine that’s meaningful kicks the day off with a purpose and creates a positive vibe for the day. It could be going for a run, doing yoga, reading, having a healthy breakfast and meditating are all great way to start a day.

Don’t eat until you’re full

The healthy human stomach is the size of a fist. An unhealthy stomach can expand beyond its size. Eating till you are full on a regular basis keeps expanding the stomach. Try eating a little less than what makes you full. This will keep the stomach as it should be and keep you healthier.

Occasionally go for a social media cleanse

Social media is great. An average person spends a lot of time scrolling through social media. It causes mental clutter and stress. Minimising social media scrolling or going for a detox could make your life a lot healthier.


Reading makes you smarter. Reading also make you sleep better. It improves focus, creates a calming effect. So read a book every day.

Half your sugar intake

Sugar intake can’t be completely cut out from our diet. It tastes good and somehow, we get addicted to it. It’s not advisable to go cold turkey but halving the amount of sugar you take will drastically improve your life and health. Start by cutting doen on sugar while drinking tea or coffee, swapping fruit juice for soda etc.

Do something nice for someone

Kindness is valued and is seen as a empowering human quality but it also heightens your happiness. Doing something nice for someone can come in different ways – you might gift your friend something, hold a door for someone, giving a genuine compliment, giving up your seat in a subway – all lead to creating a positive mindset.

Learn to do things by yourself

Going out to the movies by yourselfor taking yourself out for dinner at a nice restaurant leads to boosting self-confidence and creating an overall healthy approach to life.

Connect with nature

Get out of the humdrum of 9-5 job and be amidst nature. Nature has a calming effect on the body and mind. Maybe go to a quiet corner at a part to read on Sunday or a hike. Grab a like-minded friend and chill in nature.


As a pursuing scholar, Sanjukta lives her days reading research papers and lifestyle articles. When she is not pursuing academics, being a noob at video games keep her busy. She believes in equality and a healthy mind over anything else. She doesn't mind having a day-old pizza as breakfast. A hardcore caffeine head.
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