Published By: Ahvana Paul

Remniscing Libraries- why they are heaven!

Albert Einstein once said, “The only thing that you have to know is the location of the library”. Einstein was right! Despite the coming of technology, and the ability to work from home, libraries are still one of the most beautiful places on earth, unparalleled and worth visiting! Here are some reasons why they can be seen as little pieces of heaven on earth!

Charming- old-world  

A fun fact about historical libraries especially, is that they have a certain presence and charm, and make you feel like you are stepping back in time! Libraries, encased in beautiful buildings are therefore the most amazing places to visit and give you a surreal and visceral feeling and a feeling of grandeur!

Safe and comfortable

While the beauty of these libraries is capable of making you weak in the knees, they somehow automatically also give you a sense of comfort! It is after all a building full of books and knowledge, waiting for you to tap into and pick them up! They have something for everybody, and the general peaceful ambience is extremely comforting!

Books, books and more books

Adding to how a library can make you feel safe and comfortable, one more reminder about why libraries are the best- IT IS AN ENTIRE BUILDING OF BOOKS!  If you are a bookworm, or someone who likes to read, or even a research student, this is where you will find all your answers! What can be better than having a solution to almost all your problems? It also gives you variety- for example, if you have come to work in the library, you can do that but if you want a break- but want to keep sitting, just go ahead and ask for a storybook and read it for leisure! You are spoilt for choice and reading is a recreational activity, which is good to keep up! Libraries make sure you keep your habit alive!  

Academic Heaven-

If you are an academic, struggling with your dissertation, then the library is not only your source but also your friend, believe me! The problem with academics is that it causes you to spend a lot of time alone! However, going to the library might be the perfect solution for you! First of all, it is the best place for concentration owing to its peaceful environment. Second, of course, your sources of what you are researching will be there. And thirdly, you will also be surrounded by other students who are also in the same boat and this helps curb the misery and anxiety which comes with academics! It makes you feel less alone, it makes you concentrate and it is of use to your work directly! A pretty good deal in the bleak world of thesis writing, don’t you think?  

Library Canteens are another vibe!

It is a fact universally acknowledged that when you are working or studying to take eating breaks is definitely necessary! Luckily, most libraries have a canteen, and usually they are pretty good, and have nice snacky items to munch on if you get hungry during the day! Therefore, library canteens are also a part of the experience, and are fun to explore!

You always learn new things

Lastly, libraries are an institution of knowledge, and somewhere you can always learn new things, or get to know of things that you didn’t know about! These by default therefore become must-visits!