Renowned musicians who dealt with poverty

Not every successful person is born with a silver spoon!

This is exactly what it means when we say hard work paves the way to success. The musical stars we know today, have been a part of our society that binds every single culture together in the name of music. However not every musical star had an easy way to stardom, some even had rocky paths to cross through before they reached where they are today. Have a look at some of them:

Celine Dion

The most acclaimed singer of the most iconic movie’s song, “My Heart Will Go On”, rose from a humble beginning. She belonged to a poor French-Canadian home and was the youngest of 14 of her siblings. Ideally, the family could not afford enough room, and they earned only about $200 per week from a piano bar they owned. Despite such a financial crisis, Dion could earn her first contract at 12 years, and at present, she has shown perseverance against all the obstacles and adverse conditions she has been through.

Shania Twain

Twain was born in Canada, had a rugged life, and grew up in a small town with an extremely rough childhood. She and her four siblings even had to go to school starving, since her mother and stepfather could not meet their needs due to financial crisis. Adding to these struggles was her stepfather, who was abusive to them, especially to his wife. In 1987, Twain had to take the responsibility of raising her siblings after her parents died in a car crash. Pursuing music, Twain gained stardom after her album “The Woman in Me”, in 1995, and in 1997 her album “Come on Over” became the number one album for 50 weeks.

Nicki Minaj

Minaj is one of these musicians who had to deal with poverty in her early life. Born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1982, Minaj has been a victim of troubles as her father was a drug addict, due to which the entire family had to suffer violence and poverty. The Dirty Money Record paved the way for Minaj’s success, as it helped her associate with Lil Wayne. Later in 2010, Minaj was declared the Best Female Hip Hop star at the BET awards. Adding to her success was her album “Pink Friday”, which went triple platinum, making Nicki Minaj one of the celebrated singers of the present musical world.

Do you have in mind any other musical sensation with such a rag to riches story?

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