Research topics related to Films.

The film and entertainment industry are one of the promising industries worldwide.

Film studies is that area of academics that is gaining popularity over the period. There are several genres included in their studies- historical, thriller, horror and comedy. We need to agree that the industry has come a long way; film making ideas evolved, workload shifted, picture quality improved.

As a student of film studies, you might get loads of assignments to complete. However, choosing the topic can be pretty frustrating because you find it difficult for selecting a subject for your project report. But don’t worry! We got you covered. Here is a list of research topics related to film studies.

Different genres of cinema– a brief report. To prepare this report, you need to research several genres of movies around the world. Here, you can talk about its popularity and also rank them based on survey reports. Finally, in a section, you might list a few of your favourite movies concerning the genres.

Impact of the digital revolution on cinema. It will be a study report based on how the film industry evolved with digital technologies. You can also compare the difference in the presentation that we get to see before and after the digital revolution. Also, right about their contribution and disadvantages in film making.

Animation in the film industry- its role, advantages and disadvantages. It plays a vital role in storytelling and communication. It is a unique way to perceive both children and adults because it helps to connect better. Therefore, you can research the growing benefits of animations in the film industry.

Music in the film industry- the journey covered till date. We know that music in movies is to portray or amplify human emotions or create a mood. As a result, it became a vital part of the filmmaking process. To present a report on the journey of music into the industry, you must dig deep into the time when it got first introduced. Do not forget to mention the initial response of the audience and compare it with present scenarios.

Characters in the film- why are they important? The specific characters in the movie make the story more alive and give it a purpose. The audience gets a reason to stick around and care about what happens to their favourite character. Therefore, you can prepare an analytical report based on how the characters play a role to enhance the essence of the story.

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