Published By: Shreya Ghai

Reverse pcos - 5 easy ways to reverse your pcos

Dealing with pcos? Here's How you can reverse it.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common condition. among women. If you are dealing with ovary cysts, irregular periods, acne, thinning hair or weight gain, there are chances of you dealing with PCOS issues. While it is mainly to do with your lifestyle changes, here are a few ways you can start implementing in your daily routine in order to control your pcos.


If you feel bloated or have other gut related problems, take immediate measures to make your gut health better. Try to consume anti-inflammatory food like lemon, berries, cinnamon and ginger. Eat more fermented food and drinks like kombucha for better gut health. Try to avoid dairy products as much as you can if your gut health is not good. It is also recommended to avoid dairy if you often feel bloated or indigestion.


Include turmeric and cinnamon in your diet every day. You can also make a drink out of freshly squeezed lemon, turmeric and cinnamon and consume it once every day. Try including tomatoes, leafy greens, tree nuts and olive oil in your food for fighting inflammation.


No matter how organic and natural you turn your lifestyle into, there are few vitamins and supplements that you must start consuming in order to control your pcos and balance your health. Take necessary supplements like vitamins, Omega-3, zinc etc.

WEIGHT CHECK - In order to keep your PCOS in control, you need to watch your weight. Try losing weight to keep your insulin and androgen levels balanced to restore ovulation. Try opting for a nutritionist who can give you a suitable diet to keep your pcos in control.

LIMIT YOUR CARB INTAKE - A diet with limited carbs will help you balance out your sugar levels  and the complex carbs might help reduce pcos symptoms in your body.

REDUCE YOUR CAFFEINE INTAKE - Reduce your coffee intake if you are dealing with PCOS problems. Coffee directly changes your estrogen and hormonal levels. Try taking decaffeinated alternatives instead such as kombucha, green tea etc.

BE ACTIVE & EXERCISE REGULARLY- Exercising regularly will help lower your blood sugar levels. If you have PCOS, increasing your physical activity and exercising regularly will prevent insulin resistance, control your weight and prevent you from the risk of diabetes.

If you are suffering from PCOS, try and follow these simple ways in order to keep your pcos in control. It is very important to keep your body on the move and watch what you eat and what you stress about. Most of you are so busy in your professional life that you forget your health issues. health issues. Keep your mind, body and stress balancedto bring down your pcos symptoms.