Revisiting The Red-Fort

Do you have the urge to step out of the house, as the weather turns cool and pleasant, as the festive season starts? After being house-bound for so long the need to go out is overwhelming for some, and you can do this by visiting the Red Fort. Even if you have been there multiple times, here are fivereasons to revisit!

The Classic Historical site transports you. It reminds one of posterity, a continuity of life, history, and memory.

A New Entrance-The long walk inside the fort as the entrance is now shifted to Gate no 2,brings forth a view of the perfect symmetry of the city walls composed of red sandstone of all those years ago gleaming against the sunlight. As you walk down the long wide and shaded road with many others you see your shadows on the historical walls.

Revamped Interiors– If you have missed the splendor and grandeur of the revamped Diwan-i-Khas, Sheesh Mahal, it is the best reason to visit it once more as it has been restored partly to its former glory. It allows one to glimpse the intricate pietra dura of the time, the studded stones, gold and black designs, the carvings of flowers and plants which were all a crucial part of the Mughal grandeur.

New Museum Setup-What you have never seen inside the spacious premises in Red Fort before are four new museums to commemorate the site and memories of freedom fighters. Four museums depicting the history of 1857, militant nationalist and revolutionary anti-colonial movements, INA and Netaji SubhashChandra Bose have recently been opened – replete with installations, rare photographs, artifacts and other exhibits. However, one should be cautious about whether or not the projections are running, as they are indeed rare footage from the archives. It is best to read the museum’s attempts at history critically and maybe check facts with the NCERT Class XII history book, so brilliantly re-designed and written in recent times. (The edition referred to is the one published in 2014).

The Crowds-Given the enormous expanse of the space inside Red Fort it is also a chance to experience the plurality and diversity of India without crowding. It gives one a feeling of life returning to normalcy after the days of isolation.

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