Rice water: 5 Benefits for your skin

Did you know the water left after your cook rice has many skin benefits?

Rice water was always used to gain stronger and beautiful hair. But recently the skin benefits of the water have also come to light. It is gentle, skin-healthy, nutrient-filled, easy to make and very cheap, making it an attractive choice.

Below we give you some skin benefits of rice water that will convince you to add it to your beauty regime.

  • Anti-ageing

Rice water is rich in antioxidants, which inhibits the effects of elastase – a compound that damages your skin elasticity and leads to premature ageing. Thus, rice water is said to have anti-ageing benefits, as it delays and reduces the appearing of ageing signs.

  • Brightens the skin

Many people in Japan and Korea swear by the brightening effects of rice water, even though it has not been scientifically proven. It is said that rice water contains enzymes that have a skin brightening effect, which can reduce blemishes and dark spots. This is also one reason why it is the main ingredient in many creams and soaps.

  • Repairs sun damage

Many people find rice water extremely soothing on sunburned skin. It is used to treat mild sunburn symptoms like redness, itching and inflammation.

  • Maintains skin barrier health

Research has found that the starch in rice water is beneficial to maintaining and repairing the natural barrier of the skin. It protects the skin from becoming dry and vulnerable to issues like atopic dermatitis. Additionally, it also helps manage inflammation, rashes and eczema.

  • Reduces oily skin

The starch-filled rice water has toning and pore-tightening effect on oily skin, which helps to mattify and reduce extremely oily skin.

Rice water can be made easily at home either by fermenting, soaking or boiling. There is no one method that is better than others, as it is all about convenience.

The only difference is that for soaked or boiled rice water, you can use it directly on your face as a toner or mist or use a cotton ball to apply. But for fermented rice water, you will need to dilute it with normal water before applying.

While there is no concrete scientific evidence to prove the skin benefits of rice water, you can still give it a try, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals and suits all skin types.

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