Rice Water for Hair: Benefits and Use

Rice water is used to treat damaged and dull hair to give them a smooth and shiny texture. We have listed down a few fantastic benefits of rice water and how you can use it on your hair.

Traditionally, rice water was used by women in Japan and many South Asian countries as a hair treatment to strengthen and beautify their hair. Rice water or fermented rice water when applied to hair helps to tackle frizzy hair, repair the damaged hair and maintain their shine and lustre.

Rice water is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which help to maintain the strength, shine and texture of hair. Rice water also has several excellent benefits for the skin. Applying it on the skin, reduces skin irritation, fades age-spots and gives you clear, glowing and healthy skin.

Exceptional Benefits of Rice Water

  1. Rice water detangles hair.
  2. Washing your hair with rice water helps to repair and strengthen the hair.
  3. It improves the shine and lustre of your hair.
  4. It gives your hair a smooth texture providing it elasticity to prevent any damage.
  5. It helps to make your hair longer, stronger and healthier

Fermented or Plain Rice Water

According to a study, fermented rice water is considered more beneficial than plain rice water. It has a higher amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair growth and prevents damage. Fermented rice water is slightly acidic in nature. When you rinse your hair with fermented rice water, it maintains the pH balance of hair, nourishes hair follicles and improves the overall hair texture.

How to prepare rice water?

Step 1: Take one cup of rice. Rinse and strain rice with water to remove any dirt and impurities from it.

Step 2: In a bowl, add the washed rice and one cup of water. Mix the rice and water. Leave the mixture for thirty minutes until the water becomes cloudy.

Step 3: Strain the rice and keep the reserve water in a glass container. You can store the rice for later or cook it. If you want to use plain rise water, you can use it directly on your hair.

Step 4: For fermented rice water, keep the rice water at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours to allow it to ferment and let it release all vitamins and minerals.

How to use rice water?

Pour the plain or fermented rice water in a spray bottle. Spray it evenly on your hair and massage well on your hair and scalp. Leave it on for twenty minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. You can use it once or twice a week after shampooing and conditioning your hair.

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