Robert Pattinson: Getting to Know the ‘Twilight’ Star

Robert Pattinson is a Hollywood heartthrob with several talents and interests, part from acting. Here’s a list of cool things to know about this multi-faceted personality.

Robert Pattinson has won a brilliant hearts all over the world with his acting prowess. Best known for his moody vampire act in the ‘Twilight’ series,’ he has starred in several other films like “The Rover,” “Remember Me” and “Water for Elephants.” To add to his accomplishments, he is all set to play the title role in the superhero movie “The Batman,” expected to premier in 2021.

Scroll down to know some of the interesting facts about Robert Pattinson that you probably didn’t know about-

Odd Jobs and interests before plunging into Acting

As a teenager, he was employed as a paperboy for Natsons in London for more than a year. He even took up modeling for some time but thought he did “terrible.” Other professions and interests he considered in these years included being a rapper, political speechwriter, as well as a musician.

Got his first major break in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

His first major break was this Harry Potter movie where he played the crucial role of ill-fated Cedric Diggory. Prior to landing this role, he was just a three film old newbie. This major break made him an instantly recognizable face in the industry.

Gave up University for “Harry Potter”

Robert Pattinson has about to join university when “Harry Potter” happened. The film went far over schedule and the 17-year-old actor chose this film over university.

Played a Role in “Vanity Fair”

Pattinson acted for a small part in “Vanity Fair” in 2004. Unfortunately, his role was omitted at the editing table and he was nowhere to be seen in the finished film.

Never Acted in a TV Show

Though the superstar has acted in over 30 films in his 15-year career, he is yet to act on a TV show.

A budding musician

Apart from being an established actor, Pattinson loves to sing, and play piano and guitar. He even sang for the “Twilight” soundtrack, and most recently sang for the 2019 film “High Life.”

Thinks Driving is “Terrifying”

It was during his first appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that the actor admitted to finding driving to be a “terrifying” experience. “Technically I am driving, but I don’t actually know how to drive,” he revealed during the show.

The teaser trailer for his upcoming film “The Batman” was released at a virtual convention in August 2020. The production of the film was shut down due to the ongoing pandemic but resumed again in summer 2020. It is now expected to hit the theatres on October 1, 2021.

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