Royal Family Food Rules You May Not Know About

These are strict food rules the royal family has to follow.

The royal family has fascinated the world for hundreds of years. Their every move is watched. Almost everyone wants to know how they live away from the public eye. While there is a lot to know about them, their food rules are quite fascinating. There are strict protocols about food and the way they eat. Here are some of the royal family food rules you may not be aware of.

The Queen first has to approve the entire menu

When it comes to serving food to a royal, you don’t just put anything on the plate. The Queen reportedly has every meal approved before it gets served. She gets a book with a menu. On it she shares whether she likes or dislikes the chef’s plan for that week. However, her chef would be aware of what she likes and dislikes and would be careful when curating a menu just for her.

Tea is prepared in a certain way for one prince

The royal family is big on tea. They love it. Prince Charles reportedly likes it prepared in a certain way. It has been reported that the prince likes loose tea leaves boiled in a teapot. He also likes it heated at a specific temperature. Green tea and Earl Grey are prepared differently from each other. He also likes organic honey and prefers it be added directly into the teapot.

The guest count at dinner parties is very specific

When it comes to dinner parties, the Queen has a very specific number of guests in mind. Guests have to be more or less than 13. However, they can never be exactly 13. While she is not the superstitious kind, she is aware that other cultures deem this number as “unlucky”

Royals have a way of letting staff know when they are done with their meal

There are certain ways royals alert staff when they are either done with their meal or not yet finished with it.  If a royal has to use the bathroom during an official function, they simply have to say “excuse me”. They also cross their fork and knife on the plate to indicate that they are not finished eating. If they have finished consuming their meal, they have to point the handles of their forks and knives on the right side of the plate.

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