Safety precautions to take with infants

Do you know that children safety is a big issue in US because more than thousands child die every year due to injuries. It is important to take care of their safety, especially in the first 6 months of their life. It is because infants are prone to injuries and they are low in strength and immunity.

Childproof your house

It is only when you have children around you, you realize that every little thing could be dangerous. Children can injure themselves from various things like sharp edges of the tables to even a spoon lying on the floor. If you are expecting a child in your life, it is important to childproof your house. For those who don’t know, in childproofing, you shut all the electrical equipments and open plugs where your infant can reach. You cover all the sharp edges of the tables and keep sharp objects away from the living room.

Keep track

Baby’s very first movements too may result in a fall, if you are not careful enough. As your baby grows and is in a position to roll over, he or she may fall off of things unless protected. That is why you should not leave your baby alone. Put your baby during a safe place like a crib or playpen once you cannot hold him.Your baby could also be ready to crawl as early as 6 months. Use gates on stairways and shut doors to stay your baby out of rooms where he or she might get hurt.

Use of walker

Do not use a baby walker. Your baby may tip the walker over, fall out of it, or subside stairs and seriously injure his head. Baby walkers let children get to places where they will pull heavy objects or hot food on themselves.If your child features a serious fall or doesn’t act normally after a fall, call your doctor.


Babies start grabbing things as soon as they turn more than 3 months old and therefore it becomes important to make sure that they don’t get burned.  To protect your baby from house fires, make certain you’ve got a working fire alarm on every level of your home, especially in furnace and sleeping areas.  It is best to use smoke alarms that use long-life batteries, but if you are doing not, change the batteries a minimum of once a year.


Having a baby involves lots of responsibilities and should be ready to devote his mind and body towards taking care of the child. Child’s safety is the utmost priority of the parents and it is important to follow the above mentioned tips.

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