Safety rules one should follow while Kayaking

Wish to explore some amazingly new landscapes? Try out Kayaking instead!

Kayaking is one the few adventurous sports that only helps you stay fit, but also allows you to make new friends from different parts of the world. However, just like any other sport, Kayaking also involves certain risk factors. With the help of some golden rules one can easily be prepared to enjoy a safe and fun Kayaking activity.

Weather forecast

Before starting on with the adventure, checking the weather updates is mandatory to avoid the risky situations in between the journey. In case a storm is predicted, pull down the plan for the day, and continue on a fresh sunny day. Also, heavy rainfall might be the reason for a big danger due to the fast-moving water, avoid kayaking on a rainy day!

Say no to drinking

A sport on water is usually a bit dangerous even if one has an experience in it. It is extensively essential to avoid consumption of alcohol while paddling. A situation might turn aggressive if this safety is not followed.

Do not travel solo

Even though you might be an experienced kayaker, it is still recommended to work in a team for a better safety measure. Especially for a beginner, group kayaking should be considered. The other members can help you get rid of risky situations, which might be difficult if you kayak alone. Moreover, kayaking in a group is a lot more fun. Give it a try!

Plan the route

Pre-planning the kayaking route will offer you a smooth travel experience, mitigating the dilemmatic situations of which route to go next. Also, the capability level of each kayaker needs to be measured beforehand, so that there is no panic situation in the midst of the water. One should keep close to the shore while kayaking, at least keeping it at a swimming distance, for additional safety.

Dress accordingly

Dressing for immersion is one of the basic safety rules to be mandatorily followed. In case the water you are kayaking on is below 60 degrees F, a proper wetsuit, gloves should be kept. The dress should be appropriate both for the water and for the weather. Again, for keeping your skin protected from the UV rays, in case you are kayaking on a hot sunny day, applying UV protected sunscreen is advised. Hat and full sleeved clothes are recommended for kayaking on sunny days.

Life jacket

Wearing a life jacket while kayaking is again a necessity, one should never forget. Generally, people find it difficult to kayak while wearing a life jacket, hence it is advised that an appropriate kayaking special life jacket should be worn. It will be both comforting and will help you stay safe.

Start packing your essential safety gear and plan your next route for kayaking, without thinking much. Happy Kayaking!

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