Sanjay LeelaBhansali and his larger than life movie sets

Sanjay LeelaBhansali is known for establishing larger than life movie sets in his movies, especially period films. The filmmaker has always focused a lot on production design of a film and that is perhaps the main reason why his movies are a treat to the eyes.

Sanjay LeelaBhansali, a name that is known all over India for various reasons. For some, he is a prolific filmmaker who has made the iconic Hum Dil De ChukeSanam starring the controversial duo of Salman and Aishwarya and the path-breaking Devdas which is a great take on the older version. For others, he is renowned filmmaker who excels in creating period dramas like Padmaavat, BajiraoMastaani and others. It is seen as a gigantic thing to be a Bhansali film hero or heroine. It is however worth noticing that an important aspect of his movies is the production design. How Bhansali creates magnum opuses and increases the canvas of the movies with each film is a mystery for many. Let’s take a look at his works.


Sanjay LeelaBhansali is widely known for playing with colors. The color themes he chooses for a movie goes hand in hand with the theme of the movie and compliments it really well. Who can forget the iconic blue tint of Saawariya? The movie which is a fairytale about love and longing for love. Similarly, the iconic movie Black has different shades of grey and black in the movie which resembles coldness and flat life of the characters. Bhansali captures the eyes of the audience with colors too. For example, Ramleela starring Ranveer and Deepika is so full of colors that it looks good to the eyes.


Apart from colors, another important factor that helps in determining the visual aspects of his film is costume. Remember the talks about Madhuri’slehenga in the movie Devdas or the dress Deepika wore in the iconic BajiraoMastani? They have become the hot talk of the town because these dresses were magnificent in their own style. Bhansali treats the audience with beautiful costumes that makes the actors look good, even in their worst state too. For example, in Devdas, a drunk Shah Rukh Khan was looking more handsome than a normal film actor. It is because of the costumes designed for him.


Gone are the days when filmmakers used to construct big sets for their movies. This is the age of VFX where everything is done through animation and computer. Bhansali too now relies on green screen and post production of the movie. Even the background in the song Ghoomar which people think is a palace, is a work of art done through vfx.

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