Published By: Urbee Sarkar

Satin Bed Linens: Know The Pros And Cons Before You Buy Them

Are you looking to upgrade your bedroom linens and wondering if you should go for satin ones? We have the answer!

Satin bed linens are typically made out of a blend of silk, polyester and nylon fabrics and have recently become quite the trend. However, it is not necessary that you follow every trend blindly. Before you plan to get yourself satin bed linens, you must consider if they are really worth the money you will be spending on them. Here are the pros and cons of getting satin bed linens and we hope you are writing this down!

Pro: Satin Bed Shits Are Great For Your Hair And Skin

We guess you are aware of why satin linens are so hyped up in the current market for bed linens. If you don’t know it yet, it is because satin is particularly gentle and soft for your skin. The satin material is great for people who have sensitive skin and thinning hair. Bed linens made out of any other fabric would create friction resulting in rough skin and frizzy hair. However, since satin is such smooth and gentle fabric, it does not irritate your skin especially if you fall under the sensitive category. Moreover, you would not wake up in the morning with tangled and frizzy hair if you opt for satin bed linens.

Con: Cleaning Satin Bed Linens Can Feel Like Nightmare

As already said, satin fabric is an extremely gentle and smooth material. Naturally, you cannot jut clean them like any other fabric material. You have to go the extra mile when cleaning your satin bed linens. You cannot dump your satin bed linens into the machine with other clothes and sheets for washing. Instead, you will have to hand wash them and may even have to use special detergents for cleaning.

Pro: Satin Bed Linens Are Super Hygienic

Out of all the fabric materials for bed linens, satin is the most hygienic. It is because, satin does not trap and retain dust particles. Naturally, it does not harbour mites or bacteria that are bad for your skin, hair and even health.

Con: Satin Bed Linens Will Burn A big Hole In Your Pocket

While satin bed linens definitely feel like luxury, they are also unbelievably expensive. So, if you don’t have a heavy budget for bed linens, it is probably best you keep satin out of question!