Save our oceans: Things we all can do to keep our oceans clean

Please save the sea to see the future!

It is no brainer that oceans are the lifelines of our planet. More than 70% of the earth’s surface is filled with our mighty oceans. And more than that, oceans are the reason for the production of half of the world’s oxygen. We all are gradually feeling the effects of climate change, and thanks to our oceans, we are still not terribly affected by it as oceans protect us from the worst effect of climate change. So, it is time for us to give it back to our oceans as 40% of the world’s oceans are severely affected by human activities.

Say no to single-use plastic.

Nothing has damaged earth and our oceans other than single-use plastic. They are the reason for the horrifying amount of waste in the oceans, and as we all know, it can take anything from 20 to 500 years for plastic to decompose. Please reduce the single-use plastic, instead use reusable items or something more sustainable.

Inform and educate.

Surprisingly, most people have no idea why it is necessary to clean the oceans and how pollution in our oceans can impact us, humans. We sincerely suggest you search online for documentaries about how our oceans are polluted. Learn some lesser-known facts about pollution, such as one of the major causes of the extinction of many marine lives is noise pollution.

Volunteer for a clean-up.

It’s time to roll your sleeve and get your hands dirty. There are many communities and organization that organize ocean clean-up events. Get in touch with them and do your bit. You might also meet fellow individuals who share the same enthusiasm as you regarding the environment.

Support and donate regularly to an organization that is working to save the oceans

If you are not living anywhere near oceans, then support an organization that does so. Keep a tab for any kind of fundraiser or collecting supplies for a clean-up. Moreover, these organizations raise money for research, conservation and education, soyou can volunteer for the same.

Speak out!

Use social media to raise awareness regarding oceans and their importance. Talk it out with your friends and loved ones. Let your country’s decision-makers know that we all want a solution to cleaner earth and cleaner oceans. Speak up because every single voice matters!

Remember, your smallest effort can help bring a massive change. So, be that change for your planet.

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