Schitt’s Creek- What Makes it So Enjoyable

Schitt’s Creek, which swept the Emmy awards as well as Primetime awards in 2020, has probably become one of the most endearing, lovable comedies on Netflix these days.The show is about the previously millionaire Ross family, who lost their entire wealth, after their business manager engaged in embezzlement. The story revolves around their complete loss of wealth, except for a small-town which they had bought as a joke, called Schitt’s Creek!  If you are looking for something light, funny, comical and adorable to watch, this award-winning show might just the thing for you! Here are a few features which make it work!

Amazing character development

All the main characters as well as supporting characters are excellent. Each of them has a unique story-line, a soft-side, a quirky side. The characters are nuanced, comical and so endearing in their own ways, yet typical self-absorbed elites, however, without being insufferable. Dan Levy as David Rose, Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose, Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose, Catherine O Hara as Moira Rose, Emily Hampshire who plays Stevie Budd, Chris Elliot who plays Roland Schitt and Jennifer Robertson who plays Jocelyn Schitt are all simply brilliant! Other than these main actors, the supporting actors also do a fine job! All the actors have developed their characters  so well. Not only are they endearing characters, but the overall acting is extremely natural. People are bound to fall in love with the show immediately!

Twists just when they are needed

One of the best things about this show is that just as you would expect someone to behave in a certain way and be incorrigible, there is a complete turn-around, which makes this show unpredictable and exciting. For example, you expect the formerly wealthy Rose family, to be snobbish, which they are. But just when you expect that they will go too far, they actually do something completely surprising. This makes the show very entertaining rather than monotonous.


The comic timing of all the actors in the show is simply impeccable! As a result of the cast acting together, it seems as if the humor just keeps getting more and more in-sync, and the timing, the pauses and the delivery gets better with each episode. The humor is extremely refined and doesn’t get reduced to some silly words being exchanged. The humor remains unexpected and therefore fresh!

Moments of Familial Solidarity

There is an overarching question that is constantly posed about the family being connected to each other. Though each member is self-absorbed , the developing proximity owing to their residence, as well as moments of concern and expression of love for each other is one of the most endearing aspects about this show!

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