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School Supplies That The ‘90s Kids Were Obsessed With

The perfect gift for any ‘90s kid was school supplies and here are some that everyone used to love!

For ‘90s kids, the school supplies aisle at the store was easily one of the most exciting places to be. While the present generation of kids has seen gadgets replace the school supplies and stationery, the kids of the ‘90s had to rely heavily on pen and paper for their school work. Naturally, their desk drawer had to be filled with school supplies that would make the school and home work fun, pretty and exciting. Here are few school supplies that the ‘90s kids were obsessed with.

Pencil Toppers Were The Thing Back In The Day

Kids today love to amp up their gadgets with accessories and covers. Back in ‘90s having boring old pencils would not cut it. Naturally, kids looked for things that would make their pencils look like the state of the art writing equipments and in came the pencil toppers. The pencil toppers would turn any boring old pencil into something pretty, fun and gorgeous. They would be colourful and sparkly and would even come in all shapes and sizes. Some pencil toppers were also available in the shapes of figurines and that would just make the days of the school kids fun.

Writing Was Made Fun With Colourful Pens

‘90s kids were all about fun colours! They would usually reach out for pens that used different kinds of ink in varied colours. Not just that, even the pen tips would matter a lot. From ink pens, to gel point pens to ball points, each of the pens offered different styles of writing. You would choose your pens depending on your mood. Penmanship was a huge part of the ‘90s kids’ childhood and different coloured inks for different pointers would make all the difference!

Organisers For Some Good Planning

When the ‘90s kids wanted to categorise and compartmentalise their stuff, they didn’t run to make a spreadsheet on their favourite gadget. Instead, they would load up on organising journals and notebooks and use them to categorise their documents and notes. Organisers were available in various colours, markers and prints that would make anything an exciting project. These organisers were efficient and made keeping track of things fun. The ‘90s kids were all about handy efficient notes marked in organisers and honestly, we are still obsessed about them!

Urbee Sarkar

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