Science Activities That Will Impress Your Kids

Are you concerned about keeping kids engaged at home? Here are 3 interesting science activities that are both exciting and educative for children.

Letting your kids stay fastened on TV fills us with guilt, and we could do anything to find a worthwhile alternative to keeping them engaged. How about doing cool experiments at home that increases their inquisition in science. Here are three experiments with readily available ingredients from home that will help you have a fun time with them.

  1. Fireproof Note-

All you need is a new note, safety tweezers, a lighter, equally mixed ethanol and water solution and salt.


In a glass of ethanol and water solution put a pinch of salt and submerge the banknote entirely in it. Pull it out with tweezers and then light it on fire. You will see the note blaze without burning up.

How It Works-

Scientific reason being- on burning ethanol, water is produced that uses up the spirit to ignite, leaving the water-soaked note unharmed.

  1. Jar Fireworks-

You will need a jar, food colours, vegetable oil and warm water.


Fill 3/4th of the jar with warm water and three spoons of oil in another bowl. Drop different colour drops on the oil and mix it well. When it breaks into smaller bubbles, add them in warm water jar and see them burst into colour bombs like fireworks.

How it works-

The theory being that food colours mix well in water but not in oil. As the colour oil mixes with water, having a lighter density, it stays up and integrates creating the cracker effect.

  1. Clouds in A Jar- 

You will need a big pot, rubber gloves, rubber band, flashlight and water.


Start by boiling water in the jar enough to make the water swirl to cover the sides of the pot. Apply the rubber glove on the mouth of the jar fingers pointing downwards and put your hand in the glove. Once you place your hand in the glove, pull it upwards. Take the glove out and light a match and drop it in the jar. Put on the glove again and pull the fingers upwards again, you will see clouds form in the pot, once you flash the light you will see dense clouds.

How It Works-

The air inside is full of water molecules. The gloves compress the air and take up some space in it. The smoke from the match gives it particles for the clouds to condense on.

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