Scientific Reasons behind a Few Famous Superstitions

From our childhood, most of us were instructed by our elders to follow certain things, do or don’t do some particular things and we grow up listening and many times following these superstitious instructions. At first glance, most of these superstitions sound illogical but our elders are not totally wrong as there are scientific reasons behind some famous superstitions. Of course, almost all our elders don’t have an idea about these reasons and they follow them because they are told so. Here we have curated a list of scientific reasons behind some of these superstitions.

Lemon-Chilli Combo as Protection against Evil Eyes

Most Indian households follow the superstitious of putting the lemon-chill combo, especially in shops as it’s believed that it protects us against evil eyes.

You might have noticed that in India, people put lemon-chili combo joined together with a thread outside their shops and many times in house and vehicles also. If you ask them the reason, most of them will say that it is a protection from evil eyes. But there is a scientific reason behind it. The thread mostly made of cotton absorbs the citrus and other elements from the combo and when it disperses in the atmosphere, it prevents insects/germs from entering the place where it’s kept.

Avoid Moving forward if a Cat is Crossing the Road

It’s one of the most well-known superstitions and is even practiced by many as they don’t move forward if they see a cat crossing the road till someone else moves ahead before them.

Almost all of us must have heard this superstition that if a cat crosses the road you are going then stop right there and go forward only after someone else goes through before you. It’s believed it’s a sign of a bad omen but there is a good reason behind it. In earlier days when most routes were covered by forests, if a cat is passing through, it implies that there must be some wild animal from which the cat is running away and it’s better to avoid that route or wait for some time to confirm that there is no danger. In today’s time when there is no chance of any wild animal roaming around a city, so this superstitious makes no sense.

Avoid Standing UnderPeepal Tree At Night

It’s believed that one should avoid standing under a peepal tree as ghosts reside in big peepal trees and it may harm you.

You must have been advised by the elders that you should not stand under a peepal tree during the night as a peepal tree is a place where ghosts live and they may harm you. Well, there is no truth in this claim but it’s better to stand under a peepal tree or any big tree during the night as they omit carbon dioxide during the night and it is harmful to human beings. So, it’s advised that one should not stand under a peepal tree at night.